Video: Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings

21 Nov

soliBelow is footage from the November 17, 2013 conference on “Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings” organized by the Middle East North Africa Solidarity Network-U.S. Here are two reports about the day’s events.

The conference included the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Roots and Grassroots of the Syrian Uprising with Razan Ghazzawi (from within Syria), Leila Shrooms, Ella Wind, and Mohja Kahf.
  • Session 2: Myths and Realities of the Syrian Uprising with Sara Ajlyakin (from within Brazil), Nader Atassi, Budour Hassan (from Jerusalem/Al-Quds).
  • Session 3: Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings with Yasser Munif and Gilbert Achcar.

Razan Ghazzawi is a blogger and activist arrested twice by the Assad regime for her activities who now works in liberated Syria.

Leila Shrooms is a human rights activist and co-foun­der of Tahrir-ICN, a net­work to build connec­tions bet­ween the anti-autho­ri­ta­rian move­ments in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Ella Wind speaks about Damascus at the beginning of the uprising. She is the co-editor Jadaliyya‘s Syria page and is pursuing a master’s degree in Middle East Studies from New York University. She lived in Syria until April 2011, where she was conducting research on Syrian-Turkish economic relations and more recently lived in Lebanon. Her writing on Syria has appeared in outlets such as Jadaliyya, BBC Persian, and the Majalla.

Born and raised in Damascus, Sara Ajlyakin is an activist with the International Workers League–Fourth International in Brazil and is touring Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Argentina with a member of the Revolutionary Local Council of the city of Minbej.

Nader Atassi explains why the Syrian revolution is not at bottom a Sunni-Shia sectarian war. He is a Syrian political researcher and originally from Homs, currently living between the U.S. and Lebanon. He runs the blog Darth Nader.

Budour Hassan, originally from Nazareth, is a Palestinian blogger and law graduate based in Jerusalem/Al-Quds. She has written about Syrian political prisoners, the myth of Palestinian neutrality in Syria, and Syrian anarchism on her excellent blog, Random Shelling.

Yasser Munif discusses his personal experience living in Manbij, Syria and the aims and interests of various world and regional powers.

Gilbert Achcar responds to a question on the Libyan revolution and NATO’s war on Ghadafi.

(As more videos are released, this post will be updated accordingly.)


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